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globe woman

Who am I? I'm Spider-man!

OK, maybe not. Who I am depends on where you ask.

Location What They Call Me There
Real World Tim
Matrix tzs
Quake Moonshadow
World of Warcraft Errno the Druid on Feathermoon (retired)
Work God
Porn Films Luke Skywhacker
Slashdot Harlows_Monkeys

Evil TimThe Eye of Tim Compels You...
Quiz time! Someone is caught with all of the following items. What was this person planning?
  1. A large needle and thread
  2. A roll of paper
  3. Three small pebbles
  4. A small bag of fine-grained dust
  5. A small empty waterskin
  6. A pair of scissors
  7. A canteen full of cream
  8. A fur cap
  9. A purse full of counterfeit coins
  10. A raw egg

As the yaks go, so go the wombats.
This site created by hand with vim and perl on Linux, like God intended. The interesting images that look like they came from engravings were snarfed from this amusing set of images.

Good people link to Mike Jittlov, and I want to be a good person, so here's my link to Mike Jittlov.